Monday, September 14, 2015

The Miz Scarlet Extravaganza, Sept. 14-17!

In celebration of my newest Scarlet Wilson Mystery, Book #5, Miz Scarlet and the Perplexed Passenger, I am offering ALL of the books in this series for free September 14-17, 2015 at Kobo Books. If you have an epub reader, follow these links for your free copies of my popular series of cozy mysteries:

Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter #1

Miz Scarlet and the Vanishing Visitor #2

Miz Scarlet and the Holiday Houseguests #3

Miz Scarlet and the Bewildered Bridegroom #4

Miz Scarlet and the Perplexed Passenger #5

Note to European visitors --  These links may contain cookies -- alas, not the edible kind. No chocolate pecans or rich fudgy goodness or delectable oatmeal. Yes, I know. It's a big disappointment when we're talking technology.