Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Did I Stump You? Another Chance to Win a Free Copy!

A month ago, I posted a contest for readers to earn a free download of my newest book, "Miz Scarlet and the Bewildered Bridegroom". I created a puzzle to yield the code for the coupon. Imagine my surprise when some readers contacted me to say they just couldn't solve it.
I'm a very visual person, so I often assume (shame on me!) that other people are too. When I created the clues, they seemed so obvious to me, I actually thought I was making it too easy. Alas, not so for readers who are more adept at words. (If it's any consolation, I can't do crossword puzzles, even in pencil.)
I want to give readers another chance, both to solve the puzzle and to read my new book. Read the original post first, to see if you can figure out the code, and then view the added clues to get the current code. The new coupon is valid from 4/1/15-4/7/15. Happy Easter and happy reading!

ORIGINAL POST on March 6, 2015:

 Earn a coupon to download Miz Scarlet and the Bewildered Bridegroom for free at Smashwords!

What do you have to do?

Here are five Scrabble boards. Each one contains a single clue. Put all five clues together to find the secret code that will get you that free copy of my newest eBook. Here's a hint -- use your eyes to discern what's different in each puzzle. You're not seeking what's missing, you're seeking what's right in front of your nose. Don't imagine the coupon code is more complicated than it is. Good luck and have fun!
Scrabble Board #1
Clue #1-- Look for what's missing from the Scrabble Board. The first answer was a letter.

Scrabble Board #2
Clue #2: In each photo, something's been changed. The second answer was also a letter.

Scrabble Board #3

Clue #3: It's just one little detail that's different in each case. This one was a number.

Scrabble Board #4

Clue #4: This one was supposed to be the stumper, because it was one of a group that should have all been the same. And this one was also a number.

Scrabble Board #5

Clue #5: I tried to keep it visually simple, but some readers were focused on the words, not what they were actually looking at. Did I stump you? This one was also a letter.

NEW CLUES FOR THE NEW CODE! Remember, you need to fill in five blanks, one for each puzzle.

Answer Number 1 is ______

Answer Number Two is ______
Answer Number Three is _______
Answer Number Four is _________
Answer Number Five is _______
You should have a five-digit coupon code:
_________     ________     ________     ________     _________
Did you get it? Now go to Smashwords and download your free copy:
And if you enjoy my new book, please share your enthusiasm with your friends, your book clubs, and your favorite review sites. Happy reading!