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Character Biography -- Deputy Gabby Grimm

Who is Gabby Grimm and why should readers care about her?

Introduced in "Snow White and the Hunter", she's a deputy sheriff in the tiny village of Latimer Falls, Vermont. Working with seven men, she's the only female law enforcement officer on the team.

Originally from Manhattan, she became a deputy sheriff while in college, at first working as a part-time unarmed auxilary officer. Later, with a Masters in psychology, law enforcement training, and a Glock, she became Sheriff Rufus Parteger's right-hand, woman. She's tough, she's funny, she's athletic, and she's prepared to take a bullet to serve and protect. In fact, she's been shot a couple of times now, but those were accidents.

The first time was when the twelve-year-old Milken twins got a little wild shooting at highway signs. Carleton tripped and fell as Gabby was in pursuit. Doc, the department's physician, had to dig out all that buckshot. All grown up now, Carleton is a reformed man, a well-respected high school teacher and basketball coach. His twin, Dwight, never did really change his wild ways -- he's now a lawyer and a state representative. One out of two ain't bad, right?

The second incident happened when Ben Verner had a snootful down at the Lucky Six Tavern and got in a snit, shooting up Mrs. Terwilliger's gold Buick Electra before accidentally discharging his shotgun. That time it took Doc a lot longer to dig out the pellets. Ben made full restitution, attended anger management classes up in Burlington, and personally apologized for his sloppy gun handling, but he still lost his gun license. Ever since, he's left town during every hunting season, just so he wouldn’t be tempted.

Gabby is all about community policing. She uses her psychology background to gain insight into the citizens of Latimer Falls. Not crazy about having to carry a weapon, the deputy understands it's sometimes necessary, like the time terrorists invaded Latimer Falls to steal Jonathan Klarsfeld's counter-terrorism software program (Snow White and the Hunter: A Gabby Grimm Fairy Tale Mystery #1).

Gabby's father, Gerhard Grimm, is a well-known designer who invented the "slouch chair" and made a fortune. Once widowed, he moved from Manhattan to Latimer Falls, and ever since, he's poured his fortune into Black Forest Farm. Not content to only have a herd of dairy cows, Gerhard also bought a vineyard from a neighbor looking to retire. Now he has succeeded in developing The Three Bears Winery, accumulating awards in the process.

Stepmother Ervina is a goat lover who raises Nubians and Angoras. As an expert cheese maker, she's created some wonderful goat cheeses to sell at the winery. She's also adept at turning angora wool into beautiful creations. But it's her Greek-style yogurt that has everyone ga-ga.

Living in the carriage house her father built for Ervina before their marriage, Gabby loves life on Black Forest Farm. It's pretty close to a fairy tale existence, if it weren't for the situations that crop up. Determined to keep Latimer Falls a nice place to live, she works with Sheriff Parteger and the other deputies to uphold the law with guts, gumption, and a good heart.

As independent as she is, Gabriella Grimm is still a woman who likes men, and it looks like she's met her match in Sam Hogan, a counter-terrorism expert for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Time will tell if the hunk will hang around or break Gabby's tender heart....

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