Sunday, May 26, 2013

Meet Miz Scarlet, My Newest Heroine

Here she is at last -- It's finally time to meet Miz Scarlet, my newest heroine in the first of a new mystery series. I've just published "Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter" at Amazon KDP. And just so you know, I've gone with an exclusive at Kindle for 90 days, part of a new marketing strategy on my part. That means I'll be offering it for free to Kindle users on five occasions:

Amazon -- Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter

What should you know about Scarlet Wilson? She's opinionated, feisty, and funny. She and her older brother, Bur, just can't seem to leave that sibling rivalry alone, much to their mother's frustration. The Wilson family was hit hard by a financial fraud, leading to Scarlet opening a bed and breakfast in the old family manse. Bur's on hand to help out, but the truth is he rather likes living as a permanent guest. What's not to like? Food and drink, great company, and a park-like setting. For bachelor Bur, it'a an impressive lifestyle to dangle in front of his dates.

When a strange series of events begin to crop up at the Four Acorns Inn, things take a darker turn. The Jordan family, who were renting a house from Scarlet's cousin, go missing. A threatening note is left in the bird garden. Enter Kenny Tolliver, Scarlet's high school crush. Now working for a private security firm, the former assistant director for public safety at Princeton University is hired to get to the bottom of things.

Who knew the roots of this dastardly plot could go so far back in history, or that they could prove to be so dangerous to the Wilsons? Back when she first got her nickname, Kenny was known as "Captain Peacock" and Bur was "Colonel Grey Poupon". It was all fun and games then, but things have changed. The clues are life-changing, but only if Miz Scarlet and Kenny can figure out what they mean.

This cozy mystery features a series of likable characters. The Googins "girls" are a pair of senior citizens who seem to have a better social life than Scarlet. Larry and Max are the state homicide investigators who wade through the complicated maze of challenging suspects. Mary Anne Turley is an historian with a firm grasp on the past and the tools to dig up the skeletons. But it is Miz Scarlet, Bur, and Kenny who really shine in this tale of buried family secrets, eco-terrorism, labor unrest, cyberstalking, and the demise of American business. You'll never expect the "who dunnit" or the why, so be prepared for the ending to knock your socks off!

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