Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mobbed Up in Boston? Grab Your Smashwords Coupon and Meet Special Agent Henry Hartman!

As the Whitey Bulger trial starts up in Boston, it's time to introduce FBI Special Agent Henry Hartman and Sydney Stansfield, the poor, beleaguered woman he ropes into his scheme to take down the fictional mobster, Blackie Walsh.

Henry is a federal agent who deals in the tough cases, those highly guarded, "can go either way" messes that probably won't be prosecuted. Instead, Henry's there to dig for openings that he can exploit, so he can develop stronger cases.

Sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know about that counts. You can't take down the bad guys without knowing all their connections. Miss one here or there and it can come back and bite you in the fanny at a most inopportune time. Just ask Henry after he has the stuffing beaten out of him by a bat-wielding bad guy.

For Syd, meeting Henry came on the heels of divorcing her rat of an ex-husband, the guy she put through dental school. Restarting her life doesn't come easy for her, and it takes her some time to find her niche. And just when things are going swimmingly for her, those land sharks start circling. Blackie Walsh, the ruthless Boston mobster, has no intention of being thrown into jail for the rest of his life. Instead, he's calling on his vast network of money launderers, strong arm men, and foot soldiers to work overtime to get him off the hook.

You can read it for free this week at Smashwords. Just use coupon code JT66B and pick your favorite digital format:

"Henry Hartman's Holiday Crisis"

Coming in June, the sequel! "Henry Hartman's Boondoggle Crisis" continues the road trip as Henry and Syd are on the run!

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