Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Check Out What Celebrities Are Reading This Summer!

If you're like most of us, you probably have your own summer reading list of books you take to the beach, to the pool, and even to the mountains, where you curl up in your tent and read by the faint glow of your Coleman lantern. But do you know what some celebrities are recommending? I'll go out on a limb here and bet that you don't have these titles in your book bag! 
Edward Teach, AKA Blackbeard


Booty Call on the Bounty by Christian Fletcher -- Swashbuckle Press $4.99

"Ar, it's even better than 'Gangplank to Ecstasy'! I love, love, love this book! A real pirate's pleasure to read! The wenches are hot, the battles are bombastic, and the Polynesian setting? Magnificent. 5 doubloons!"

Wolfgang A. Mozart, Famous De-Composer

Killer Lamb by Harry Hunter -- Forest Primeval Printers $6.99

"This was a total symphony of man and machine, an absolute road kill of a tale about a stalking Lamborghini that makes Stevie King's 'Christine' look like a romp at Disneyland. Chilling, absolutely chilling. I'll have to send Tony Salieri a copy!"

I. M. Batty, "Discover Me Channel" Star


Bloody Honeymoon at Vampire Castle by Hemo Goblin -- Plasma Press $2.99

"This has to be one of the scariest books I've read in the last decade. Totally over the top with the non-stop action. Talk about bat crap crazy!"

Jack D. Rippa, AKA Chilla Killa

Knife for Hire by D. Monica Sasson -- Chiller Mysteries $7.99

"Imagine the preposterous idea that the East End Killer was hired to take out those poor, poor women for financial gain -- I absolutely loved this book! The sinister twists and macabre turns had me guessing the murderous intentions all the way to the end! Killer got away. Brilliant!"

Spirit, Formerly Known as Casper the Friendly Ghost

Haunted Cave at Emptor by Emma Spectre -- Possessed Press $3.99

"This had me on the edge of my sheet the whole time! I thought I was going to Wee-Willie-Winkie myself when that gruesome beast grabbed that little kid by the throat. Man, that was definitely not a book to read before bed!"

Cosmic Muffy, Baker to the Stars

Destination: Cloud Nine! by Levi Tater -- Celestial Books $14.99

"I loved this how-to guide on astral travel! Not only did I learn to visit Tibet without having to leave my bakery, I brought back yak butter and used it in my all-natural hemp muffins. They were absolutely scrumptious. I served one to the Kardashians' gardener, Loopy, and he loved it."


Monster by Murray McEelly -- Deep Water Demons $1.99

"After this beleaguered brother of the sea was snatched from his reef and tossed into an aquarium in Detroit, he spent three years planning his escape. After enduring as much as he could stand, this moray eel broke out of his glass prison, fled to Lake St. Clair, and has managed to evade eel hunters ever since. I'm rooting for you, Murray!"

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