Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Can You Tell Which Are Bogus Book Awards?

We see it all the time. Authors send out public relations notices to announce book awards they've just won, singing their own praises from the rooftops. "This book just won the coveted IFFY!"

What's an IFFY, you ask? That's an "IFFY you buy my book, I'll make money!" award for one of the most deceitful marketing scams around.

New, inexperienced indie authors send off their manuscripts, along with the contest fees, only to find that they've been scammed by social marketers trying to sell book-hyping services.

The real victims? Readers looking to find something good to read. It's often hard to resist the social marketing schemes.... Prestigious prize? Award winner? It must be a great book, right?

But is it hype or is it legit? Take this short quiz to see if you can tell the difference between real book prizes and fake ones:

1. Which of the following is NOT a real mystery writer's coveted award:

A. The Agatha
B. The Edgar
C. The Suzy
D. The Dagger

2. The Young Adult Library Service Association hands out which prize for best YA lit:

A. The Hot Teen-Read© List
B. The Michael L. Printz Award
C. The Harry Potter Book Prize
D. The Fantastic Scholastic Book of the Year

3. Journalists would kill for which of the following:

A. The Pulitzer Prize
B. The Fox Newsworthy Award
C. The Cronkite Critics Choice
D. The New Yorker Times Author of the Year

4. Which of these awards is NOT a dream come true for a sci-fi author:

A. The Hugo
B. The Enterprise
C. The Nebula
D. The Andre Norton

5.  Which of these awards is presented for the best illustrated children's book?

A. The Alice-in-Wonderland Honor Roll of Distinction
B. The Caldecott Medal
C. The Imagination Station© Ribbon
D. The N. C. Wyeth Winner

6. Romance novelists would love to be swept away by which of the following awards:

A. The Headstrong Heartthrob Hot Hunks Hit List
B. The Bodice Report Best Reviewed Romance Novel of the Year
C. The RWA RITA Award
D. The Oceans of Love Prize

7. Which of the following awards is given for contemporary British fiction:

A. The Queen's Royal Medal
B. The Shakespeare Quill and Nib Award
C. The Man Booker Prize
D. The HRH Prince Charles Book Prize

8. What is the name of the award presented by the Association for Library Services to Children (ALA):

A. The New Berry, Berry Good Book Award
B. The Newberry Library Honor
C. The Newbury Street Bookshop Book Mark
D. The John Newbery Award

9. Which of the following is a legitimate cookbook award:

A. The IACP Cookbook Award
B. The Bobby Flay Filet Mignon
C. The Gordon Ramsey Reward
D. The Martha Stewart for Macy's and J.C. Penney's Winner's Circle

10. Of the following, which is the real author contest:

A. The Publisher's Clearing House Best in Fiction Prize
B. The Las Vegas e-Zine Book of the Year
C. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
D. The Mr. Harry Potter's Penguin New Author Ribbon

How do you think you scored? Did you answer all ten questions correctly? If so, you're probably either a voracious reader, an experienced publishing professional, or an author who's been around the block a few times.

Want to know the correct answers? Scroll down and take a look!


1. C -- The Suzy
2. B -- The Michael L. Printz Award
3. A -- The Pulitzer Prize
4. B -- The Enterprise
5. B -- The Caldecott Medal
6. C -- The RWA RITA Award
7. C -- The Man Booker Prize
8. D -- The John Newbery Award
9. A -- The IACP Cookbook Award
10. C -- The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

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