Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dog Names for Mystery Lovers

Need to name your new pooch? Looking for a distinguished moniker for your canine hero or heroine or for your faithful furry sidekick? You can honor an author, a character, or a fictional pet from your favorite tales. Here are some suggestions:

Douglas Adams:
Dirk Gently (picture a sweet-tempered mutt)

Raymond Chandler:
Philip Marlowe (or just Marlowe)

Lee Child:
Jack Reacher (Reacher would be a great name for a Jack Russell, wouldn't it?)

Agatha Christie:
Dame Agatha (sounds like a breeding champion to me)
Miss Marple (or Jane)
Hercule and/or Poirot
Captain Arthur Hastings
Tuppence and Tommy Beresford

Michael Connelly:
Hieronymus "Harry" Bosch (definitely a shaggy dog name, maybe a Havanese)

Patricia Cornwell:
Kay Scarpetta (as in Scar...PET...ta?)

Colin Dexter:
Inspector Endeavor Morse ("Morse!)
Sergeant Robert Lewis, AKA Robbie (feel free to bellow "Lew-is!" at the dog park)

Franklin Dixon:
Joe Hardy
Frank Hardy

Arthur Conan Doyle:
Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock or Holmes -- definitely a dog who sniffs around)
Dr. John Watson (you might have to explain your dog isn't named for Alexander Graham Bell's assistant if you holler, "Watson, come here!")

Janet Evanovich:
Stephanie Plum (definitely a hunting breed)
Bob (Golden Retriever)
Connie Risolli
Mary Lou
Joseph Morelli
Vinnie Plum

Elizabeth George:
Inspector Thomas Lynley (handsome, a little spoiled, but "Tommy" is definitely a good dog)
Sergeant Barbara Havers (a loyal working dog who needs a good home and lots of love)

Tess Gerritsen:
Dr. Maura Isles (definitely has a top knot with a little bling)
Detective Jane Rizzoli (puppy cut)

Sue Grafton:
Kinsey Milhone (Me? I'd go with Kinsey MILKBONE)

Caroline Graham:
Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby (Barnaby's a good dog name, isn't it?)
Sergeant Gavin Troy (sidekick)
Sergeant Benjamin Jones (sidekick)
Sergeant Daniel Scott (sidekick)

Kerry Greenwood:
Phryne Fisher ("She's a right lookah, mate!")
Dorothy "Dot" Williams
Detective John "Jack" Robinson
Albert "Bert" Johnson
Cecil "Cec" Yates

Dashiell Hammett:
Sam Spade
Nick and Nora Charles
Asta (for any couple just starting out married life, Asta is the perfect "fur child")

Tin Tin
Snowy (who wouldn't like a little white dog as a sidekick?)

Tony Hillerman:
Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn
Jim Chee
(Both good names for hard-working dogs who track, especially K-9 recruits, aren't they?)

P. D. James:
Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh ("Dalgliesh, walkies!")
Cordelia Gray ( a pretty dog with a stubborn streak and a curious nature)

Carolyn Keene:
Nancy Drew
Ned Nickerson
Bess Marvin
George Fayne

John D. MacDonald:
Travis McGee (Travis or McGee, it's definitely a guy's guy dog)

Ross Macdonald:
Lew Archer (Lew or Archer -- dog who rides shotgun)

Walter Mosley:
Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins (Ezekiel is a strong male name; or go with Rawlins, as in "Easy, Rawlins!" )

Sara Parestsky:
V. I. Warshawski (or "Victoria Iphigenia Warshawski" when she chews your new shoes)

Robert B. Parker:
Spenser (no first name)
Sunny Randall
Pearl the Wonder Dog

James Patterson:
Alex Cross (good for a mixed breed dog, eh?)
Lindsay Boxer (self-explanatory)

Elizabeth Peters:
Amelia Peabody (You'll have to explain that you're not talking Peabody and Sherman)
Radcliffe Emerson (Emerson's a good name for a dog.)
Ramses Emerson (good for a Pharaoh Hound)

Dorothy L. Sayres:
Lord Peter Wimsey (a little snooty but means well)
Mervyn Bunter (down-to-earth and has your back)

Alexander McCall Smith:
Precious Ramotswe (what's not to love about a dog named Precious?)
Grace Makutsi (Grace sounds like a well-behaved sidekick)

Mickey Spillane:
Mike Hammer (just lock up the liquor cabinet!)

Rex Stout (now that's a dog name if I ever heard one!):
Nero Wolfe (great for any dog that resembles a wolf, such as a German Shepherd, or even for an Irish wolfhound)
Archie Goodwin

Julie Campbell Tatham:
Trixie Belden (what female dog named Trixie wouldn't be adorable?)

If you just can't bring yourself to give your dog a human name, why not consider:
Dunit (when you call your dog and someone says "Who's Dunit?", it's okay to snicker)

Or go with one of my favorites -- Miss Terry

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