Friday, December 2, 2016

In the Blink of an Eye, a US Marshal Saves a Life

He was in the right place at the right time, but that wasn't enough....

When Marigold Flowers unexpectedly gets a visit from the US marshal who handles her for the Witness Protection Program, it turns out to be a lucky fluke. She doesn't know there are two contract killers coming after her. Neither does Marshal Tovar Abajo, but it is his quick thinking that saves Marigold Flowers from a certain death.

Busy finishing up after an evening wedding at the Gilded Nest, the wedding planner with the assumed name comes face-to-face with a killer on a mission. And that killer has competition. Why would anyone want to kidnap her? What do professional killers want with her?

Who Hates Marigold Flowers?
Book 1 of the Cornwall & Company Mystery Series
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Does it have anything to do with what happened to her family when she was a teenager? That's when she entered Witness Protection. Not only has she spent many years living a lie, with a carefully crafted story meant to protect her, she's grown used to it.

Forced to reexamine her life for the smallest of clues that were missed, Marigold struggles to understand what's happened to her. Why does the US Marshals Service think she's a security problem? How can they think she would ever participate in a crime that would lead to the shooting of the man who was so willing to protect her?

Flash back to that time in her life when fate brought her into Jared Spears' moneyed world in Newport, Rhode Island, and everything changed. That unexpected engagement seemed a little too fortuitous, but the man with the Midas touch swept her off her feet. How could she say no?

Little by little, the life she's led as a protected witness began to unravel. And then the unthinkable happened. Marigold Flowers came home to find her fiancé dead on the floor of her condo.

Flash forward to the moment she escapes from the trunk of a Toyota Corolla, as the weight of that car breaks the ice of the frozen lake and begins to sink. She's completely on her own. The only man who can possibly save her is fighting for his life, felled by a barrage of bullets back at the Gilded Nest. How does she prove her innocence? How does she convince anyone that she played no part in this malevolent plot? How does she uncover the truth of what happened to her?

The New York State police who rescue her from her icy grave have their suspicions that something isn't right about her story. She's definitely on someone's hit list. But why? Jackson Cornwall and his wife, Philomena Papadopoulos, are seasoned investigators. They know something happened to her, but they can't figure out what that is. Enter Lincoln Cornwall, Jackson's brother. He's an FBI agent who's willing to dig for the answers with the help of his old FBI mentor, Tom Erikson, and his wife, Jojo Erikson, an FBI support services coordinator.

But what is the one saving grace that convinces the Cornwall family to take on the task of solving the riddle of the contract killers hired to kidnap and murder Marigold Flowers? It's all because Tovar Abajo of the US Marshals Service risked his life to save hers. They know that he did what he did to save her life at the Gilded Nest. That one act of incredible bravery tells them that Marigold Flowers is innocent. That one act of amazing dedication to his job as her handler lets them know that Marigold Flowers is the pawn in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Without that one act of bravery on the part of US Marshal Tovar Abajo, a cunning killer would have escaped without notice. But because the marshal did his job right, the Cornwall brothers begin to link together the pieces of this heinous plot, bringing in their oldest brother, Jefferson, the thriller writer and television producer, to help.

Don't expect Marigold to have all the answers when you reach the last page. You see, when she finally is moved again for safe-keeping, it's another beginning for the next phase of the investigation. The Cornwall brothers may have found the trail the killer left behind, but now they have to figure out whether the killers are trying to kill Marigold because of what originally put her into Witness Protection or what happened to her fiancé just before he was murdered. As the brothers delve into the lies told to protect her and the lies told to ruin her, she's still living a life in hiding. Be sure to pick up a copy of the sequel, In the Shadows of a Lie to find out what happens to her!

In the Shadows of a Lie
Book 2 of the Cornwall & Company Mystery Series
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